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03.02 - 31.03.2020

Demian Kern (DE) is an artist working with painting, music and performance. Over the past years collaboration has often become the basis for his projects as in 1. Regionales Hauptfest Berlin (a fictional art fair together with more than 20 people, Mein Blau, Berlin, 2017); Aquerdate de mi (a painting project together with Alex Becerra, Weiss Berlin, 2017); Die Süsen Mäuse (band together with Marielena Stark, since 2018), and working together with the dancers Rosalie Stark and Anna Lena Häußler in 2019. He also found the project space Shoefrog together with Chantal Kaufmann and Parastu Gharabagi in Vienna. Painting is often used as a method to process the information that contribute to these activities, or coming out of them. He studied in the sculpture department at Kunsthochschule Weisensee Berlin and at Artcenter Pasadena.