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With the publication „We are not a museum“ we look back on two years of intensive and manifold production in the Grimmuseum. The catalogue contains a detailed, richly illustrated documentation of the numerous exhibitions, performances and sound installations in over 50 projects and over 400 artists.

elsa salonen - catalogue

by Elsa Salonen
48 pages (28 colors, 20 b/w), 21 x 21 cm
2012, English

This booklet documents two exhibitions and the related research from 
Finnish artist Elsa Salonen (
Finnish folk religion, spirituality, nature and cultural traditions are themes 
for Salonen's paintings, drawings and installations, all documented in the catalogue. 
The images are accompanied by poems and texts written by the artist 
as well as quotes from the study materials. 
First part of the exhibition series 'I Walk in the Forest as in a Temple' was hold in Grimmuseum in June 2012 and the second part in Galerie Suvi Lehtinen the following month. 

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NEVER ODD OR EVEN Storytelling. An e-book against contemporary flatness of language and on the occasion of the exhibition NEVER ODD OR EVEN – A text-spaced exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, 14.01.-01.04.2012. The e-book contains an in-depth interview with Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball (Documenta 2012) and curator Solvej Helweg Ovesen as well as Pablo Pijnappel by Mette Woller, and a conversation between Janos Fodor and Mario Margani. Artists: Rosa Barba, Mariana Castillo Deball, Nanna Debois Buhl & Brendan Fernandes, Simon Evans, Peter Fischli, David Weiss, János Fodor, Lise Harlev, Ferdinand Kriwet, Ján Mančuška, Ciprian Mureşan, Henrik Olesen, Pablo Pijnappel, Adam Pendleton, Sebastían Romo, Tris Vonna-Michell, Dmitry Vilensky, Phillip Zach.
Curator: Solvej Helweg Ovesen
Exhibition: NEVER ODD OR EVEN shown earlier at GRIMMUSEUM, Berlin 01.10-20.11.2011.


‘One of Ours’
‘One of Ours’ published on the occasion of the Javier Perés Solo Exhibition ‘One of Ours’ at GRIMMUSEUM.• Edition of 100 3 panel fold out serigraph cover (Exterior metallic silver / Interior Blue), deckled edge, archival printmaking paper. 20 Colour pp. 28 x 23 cm Published 2012 by anteism


by Mariana Castillo Deball
Size varies, max. 170 × 240 mm 30 Covers, 24 b/w, 6 color English/Spanish/Portuguese/French ISBN 978-3-00-035970-5

Volume II is an anthology of 30 dust jackets of non-existing books. A compilation of 30 titles in one single publication! Join us in this literary journey throughout different topics and subject matters ranging from: unpublished memories, tropical manifestations, intragenealogy, Why the letter E is everywhere?, the taste of truth, the aroma of existence, contemporary ruins, conversations between a cardinal and a roadrunner bird, and more! Never odd or Even is a project by Mariana Castillo Deball with contributions by Mario Bellatin, Koen Brams, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Santiago da Silva, Tim Etchells, Carla Faesler, Dario Gamboni, Dora García, Moosje Goosen, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Pascale Montandon, Irene Kopelman, Adriana Lara, Pablo León de la Barra, Jesse Lerner, Juana Lomeli, Valeria Luiselli, Raimundas Malašauskas, Antoni Muntadas, Sophie Nys, Manuel Raeder, Eran Schaerf and Eva Meyer, Sergio Taborda and Heriberto Yépez. Published on the occasion of the exhibition NEVER ODD OR EVEN at GRIMMUSEUM, Berlin and Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde. Curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen and co-produced by GRIMMUSEUM, Berlin.


Henry Flynt 2011 Concept Art 50 Years
The Edition “Henry Flynt 2011 Concept Art 50 Years” published by GRIMMUSEUM
on the occasion of the exhibition “7 Homotopies (How One Becomes The Other)”
Curated by Francesco Cavaliere & Marcel Türkowsky
within their Wisthle, Minotaure! series
15.07.- 14.08.2011.




36 pages colour
indigo print HP7500
Fedrigoni splendorgel paper 115g

This pubblication was made in occasion of Whistle, Minotaur! 09 "Nudism, A Furious Undressing",
an exhibition curated by Francesco Cavaliere and Marcel Turkowsky at GRIMMUSEUM, Berlin.
It contains works by Benjamin Altermatt, Massimiliano Bomba and Xavier Garcia Bardon.
"Nudism, often referring to an alternative to "Naturism", the free speech movement of the body becomes a starting point for a series of upcoming episodes.
This viewing assumes to move a sense closer to a free and furious experience in a multi dimensional space.
A polyphonic story told becomes more of a panoramic view than an attempt to reach a heterogeneous form."


RADIO NUDISM (cassette)
– a collection of priceless documents collected from the sound archives of a Danish nudist radio station from 1993/94. This 45 min mixtape / compilation / radio narrative stands as an audio companion to the
exhibition of Massimiliano Bomba, Benjamin Altermatt and Xavier García Bardón curated by Francesco Cavaliere and Marcel Türkowksy at GRIMMUSEUM, Berlin, in September 2011. Featuring tracks by the aforementioned nudists and more, it has been assembled and spiced by DJ Bongo Man. Coreleased by GRIMMUSEUM, Caleuche_Video, Rawraw and Music City. 120 copies.


Feather Throat
Volume II. Featuring the work of 13 kindred spirits: Jan Anderzén, Francesco Cavaliere, Daniel Gustav Cramer & Haris Epaminonda (Infinite Library), Michele Di Menna, Invernomuto, Caitlin Mociun, Les Ramsay, Dan Rees, Marc Richter, Anneli Schütz & Dagmar Weiss, Nathalie Shepherd, Marcel Türkowsky, and Philip Wiegard.
32 Page booklet, released May 2011, Berlin.