Curated by Amelie Wedel
Artists: David Horvitz, Daniel Kötter, Mikka Wellner, Murat Adash, Laura McLardy, Gretta Louw, David Kroell

The exhibition on Off moments displays works by seven artists that reveal a moment of absence in different ways. Thus inherently, the boundaries between absence and presence blur when unnoticed, blank, imperceptible and obscured elements are exposed. The works refer to the limitation of our perception, to the impossibility of fleeing our point of view and to the past as a defining framework for the present. Although the individual works engage with different topics, they repeatedly touch upon the question of how absence is determining our experience and identity: how can traces of the past be made present? Is the moment of vanishing, the transition from existence to non-existence itself tangible? How do innumerable non-experiences shape our identity?

The photographs ´How to exit a photograph´ reflect David Horvitz’ conceptual interest in photography. The act of leaving a photograph raises questions about possibilities and limits of the medium. Leaving and vanishing also becomes visible in ´Disappearing´ when Horvitz is submerged into the fog of Palos Verdes, without ever leaving the frame. Initially intended as a poetic and romantic gesture, walking into the invisibility still generates new layers of meaning.
The transformation of the installation ´Kami´ by Murat Adash can only be observed at the opening. Afterwards, the traces of the different states – from ice to water to rust – will refer the viewer to a completed process. The work was developed in 2010 as part of a residency in Japan. Kami is a japanese expression that describes the consciousness of an ubiquitous presence or energy which can be manifested in natural as well as handcrafted objects.

In `Ein Kinderspiel´ Daniel Kötter investigates the mechanical possibilities of movements of two Super 8 cameras. As opposed to the person behind the camera determining the movements and frame of the image, here, the mechanics of swings, seesaws and whirling poles trigger the movements. Through the impossibility of capturing the opposite view point, due to the positioning of the two monitors comprising the video installation, the limitation of our perception becomes apparent.
Mikka Wellner’s work ´Star´ is based on a story in which the sea and a lonely floating bouy talk about the question of identity. Although the text discloses only excerpts, the desire to become someone else becomes tangible, despite expectations of the surrounding.

´Controlling_Connectivity 2013´, a work by Gretta Louw, displays various fragments of a performance project from 2011/12 where she communicated over ten days only via internet, isolated inside the gallery space of Art Laboratory Berlin. Besides the medium with its specific sounds, its distinct light situation and its permanent distraction, moments of intimacy are presented. Thereby the contrast between personal closeness and local distance, parallel communication and technical problems become distinct.

Laura McLardys work ´Läufer´ marks the entry as well as the exit of the exhibition, by referring to a project that takes place outside of the exhibition space. The printed pattern is a choreographic instruction for the performance ´Crossing the Room in One Step´. The triangles describe the step sequences of the right and the left foot. As part of the Month of Performance Art, a variation of `Crossing the Room in One Step` will be presented at KuLe on the 23rd of May. By referring to this performance, the dialogue between performance art and the exhibition becomes once more explicit and enables the viewer to experience the notion of absence in different artistic forms.