VIVERE COUNTRY curated by Nonna Bruna ( Margherita Belaief )
Artists: David Adamo, Maeghan Reid, Marinella Senatore, John Kleckner, Dan Attoe, Antonio Ballester Moreno, Mario Consiglio, Ryan McLaughlin, Mark Flood,
David Levine, James Krone

Tell me about yourself...

My name is Bruna, or Nonna Bruna as my lovely grandchildren call me. I was born in 1933 in a village in hills of Umbria, where I still live. My parents, and their parents, were farmers. If I could describe where and how I grew up in a single word, that word would be rural. Wide-open land, wildflowers, field of sun-flowers, tree-speckled hills, cool river swims, birds and insects always humming, food grown in our fields, this is the landscape of my life. Everyone can bring to mind a picture of rural life, probably from books or television, but maybe you’ve lived in or visited the countryside. To me, it’s the only place I’ve known—this land I love, which has given so much.


My children, and their children, have spread themselves out to big cities, searching for… well, many things, things that are different from here. Life moves slowly here, the seasons set the rhythm I live by. Young people want change and excitement—it’s all about TV and computers. I’m from a time when everything was done with ours hands. If you wanted something, you had to make it. I didn’t have much when I was growing up, but I was happy. I don’t envy young people today living in cities, chaos all around them. Always too busy, always looking for some new thing that never satisfies them. Everything I will ever need is right outside my front door. The country life gives so much…

Do you like art?

I can’t say I know much about art.

I suppose I enjoy a nice painting as much as anyone does. There isn’t much art around here, other than what Mother Nature makes. What I like are simple pictures with people and animals and places in them.

I like stories. I like when you can see someone has a story to tell and the best way they can tell it is by making something with their hands.